Friday, March 28, 2008

Farewell, Vista

Lately, I have purchased a laptop with pre-installed Vista Home Premium. My first impression was quite good. Wow, it is so nice and quick enough.

But problems started to appear soon. I started to get "Not enough memory" errors from Eclipse. But wait, my development environment works fine on my desktop with 1.5GB RAM. Why does it fail on 2Gb with Vista?

The answer is simple. Just after install my Vista allocated 860Mb of physical memory for background processes. So I took my tambourine and file those I had used for Linux a long time ago and fixed it. It had worked for me for sometime.

As I've written already, I am working on a plugin for Hyperic which will allow monitor activity of GigaSpaces clusters. As I was waiting for availability of Ubuntu Hardy beta, I have written the code on my Vista laptop. It was a BIG ERROR.

Hyperic auto-inventory just don't work on Vista. I spent several days of work tring to resolve a error which appears on Vista only. Yes, I am not sure this is Vista's fault. But I have seen several very weird bugs like that. So I will not use it for important things anymore.

Farewell, Vista

Friday, March 7, 2008

GigaSpaces plugin for Hyperic

I've just started an open-source project aimed to developer Hyperic plugin for GigaSpaces XAP monitoring and management.

See details here.